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New D-Star Repeater Installed at Waters & Stanton - 07/02/2008

Jeff Stanton and Nigel McAlpine from Waters & Stanton PLC with John Turner (middle) from Icom UK after installing their new D-Star Repeater Station at their Hockley premises.

The repeater in now operating with th...

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New D-Star Repeater Installed at Waters & Stanton

IC-E92D - Dedicated D-STAR Dualband Portable with Optional GPS Speaker Microphone - 06/02/2008

Increasing uptake in interest in D-STAR has led to an explosion of D-STAR repeaters going live in the UK, Europe and North America. To satisfy this huge demand and cement their commitment to this digital voice standard,...

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IC-E92D - Dedicated D-STAR Dualband Portable with Optional GPS Speaker Microphone

New Additions to the D-Star Product Range - 06/02/2008

Icom UK is pleased to announce new products to its D-Star Digital Product range.

Heading the line up is the New IC-E92...

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New Additions to the D-Star Product Range

D-RATS: A D-STAR communication tool - 05/02/2008

A new D-STAR application D-RATS is available for download.

D-RATS is a small application designed to provide communication capabilities with D-STAR radios.

Original goals were to provide d*Chat-like...

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D-Star and South Yorks Repeater Group GB7YD 70cm - 02/02/2008

Ernie G4LUE here, I have been watching with mixed interest the posting on D-star.

I have been involved with amateur radio repeaters and a technical officer and NOV holder for over 30 years. I have worked with ...

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New D-Star Software Radio Group - 02/02/2008

A new Yahoo email group dedicated to software for receiving and transmitting D-Star Digital Voice has been formed.

In the group's Files section is software to decode D-Star written by Jakub Hruska. It can decode ...

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CRG (GB7PI) Progress To Date - 01/02/2008

Since GB7PI was conceived back in September 2007 things moved very quickly with the NoV being issued within 4 days of the initial application. With our contacts in Icom and discussions with them at the HFC we received...

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GB7FK DSTAR Digital Repeater - 03/01/2008

Kent based GB7FK DSTAR Digital Repeater went on air on the 18th November 2007. The repeater is located in Capel le Ferne, between Dover and Folkestone.

Input Frequency 433.9125
Output Frequency 439.9125

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GB7FK DSTAR Digital Repeater

D-Star Update (November 2007) - 23/11/2007

The website has been running for just over 2 months and things in the D-Star World are certainly developing at a rapid rate. We have about 3,000 visitors each month on this site with 90 registered use...

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D-STAR News: Amazing D-STAR demo on YOUTUBE - 23/11/2007

A truly amazing demonstration of why D-Star will likely replace F-M as the local communications mode of choice is now posted on It comes in two new videos from a talk on D-Star that have been made available ...

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D-STAR comes to Portugal - 23/11/2007

D-Star news has come to Portugal. This, according to CT1END who is the president of Rede dos Emissores Portugueses.

CT1END says that the first D-STAR repeater in his nation is located in the city of Lisbon. It...

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D-STAR News: Three more D-STAR Systems Activate in Germany - 23/11/2007

Three more D-Star repeaters have taken to the air in Germany. DB0DDS in Dortmund is now active with the input on 431.8875 MHz. It has also reported that a new D-Star machine in Berlin signing DB0DF and another in Bremerh...

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Things are hotting up in the Australian D-Star world. - 08/10/2007

NTAC have allocated a segment in the band plan for D-Star and there is a lot of simplex activity in the greater Melbourne area on 145.125Mhz

D-Star simplex contacts have been reported from Box Hill to ...

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Icom Launch New D-STAR Website - - 31/08/2007

To support and provide information on this exciting new development in Amateur Radio, Icom UK are setting up a new website The site will be content rich and will be a comprehensive guide to D-...

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Icom Launch New D-STAR Website -

Icom Launch D-Star at Leicester - 22/08/2007

D-STAR in the UK will be launched at this year's Leicester Amateur Radio Show, taking place at Donington Park on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th September 2007. Icom will have a functional D-STAR System running on its stand....

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