Moonraker Hosts GB7DB Repeater - 05/04/2018

The GB7DB D-STAR repeater, hosted by Moonraker UK went on air on the 23rd March 2018. This repeater is now fully operational with full internet connectivity offering Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas connection to the D-STAR network.

Specifications of this repeater are as follows:
Band: 70CM (DVU53)
Output frequency: 439.6625 MHz RX
Frequency: 430.6625 MHz
This is a DIGITAL VOICE repeater.
(Please note this repeater is NOT licensed for ANALOGUE Voice repeat)
This DV Repeater has D-STAR capability.

For more details about Moonraker Ltd, visit their website at

By: Icom UK Marketing,

Moonraker Hosts GB7DB Repeater