D-STAR Infocon 2016 videos - 15/11/2016

Three videos from the recent D-STAR InfoCon held at Dayton 2016 have been published on YouTube.

In the videos, John Davis WB4QDX of Georgia D-STAR gives an introduction to D-STAR for the new users as well as more advanced topics for more experienced D-STAR users.

The video links are as follows:

- D-STAR InfoCon 2016 - Intro to D-STAR

- D-STAR InfoCon 2016 - Using D-STAR

- D-STAR InfoCon 2016 - Doing More with D-STAR

By: Icom UK Marketing,
Email: marketing@icomuk.co.uk

D-STAR Infocon 2016 videos